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March 19, 2006 / Kevin Ford

Officer Warren Barksdale vs. Devo Riggs from CHIKARA The New Batch

Post by Kevin Ford:

Barksdale backs Riggs to the corner and pats him down. Riggs grabs a waistlock, but Barksdale brings him to the corner and finds a metal object in his boot! Riggs claiming he was holding it “for his boy.” Barksdale goes to book him but Riggs delivers a pair of right hands. Barksdale goes up and over in the corner to evade an attack. Barksdale whips him across the ring and follows in with a knee strike, then a jumping back elbow. A running splash called Cease & Desist leads to a Dominator into a DDT (called Obey the Law) for the pin in 2:28.

These short, simple matches to get the new characters over are smart and seem to be working. Barksdale has his shtick down to a tee and since this match has grown quite a bit. I think once he finds himself more ingratiated into CHIKARA’s tapestry, he’ll be an asset. *

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