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March 18, 2006 / Kevin Ford

Chuck Taylor & Ricochet vs. Eddie Kingston & Brandon Thomaselli from IWA Mid-South March Massacre

Post by Kevin Ford:

Taylor and Ricochet debuted for IWA Mid-South the night prior. Ricochet makes his way out to wrestle Brandon Thomaselli. Kingston and Thomaselli bully Ricochet based on his size. This results in Chuck Taylor, Kingston’s opponent for later, coming out and making the save. Taylor proposes they have a tag team match instead of a singles. Kingston turns it down at first, but after talking it over with Thomaselli, they accept.

Thomaselli takes down Taylor with an armdrag after winning a wristlock exchange. They trade headlocks on the mat. Thomaselli kips up out of Taylor’s headscissors counter. Ricochet unloads with punches and forearms, bringing Thomaselli to the floor. He chases Thomaselli back into the ring and doesn’t notice the tag to Kingston. Kingston attacks Ricochet from behind and chops him in the corner. Thomaselli and Kingston deliver a double running shoulder block. Ricochet is beaten down and isolated in their half of the ring, but despite all the damage, including back to back yakuza kicks, Ricochet is able to sneak in a tornado DDT on Kingston. He enzuigiri’s Kingston away and tags in Taylor. He comes in with a springboard punch to Kingston (slipping on the way down). He dropkicks Thomaselli to the floor and hits a tope con hilo onto him and Kingston. Ricochet then lands a corkscrew plancha off the top onto everyone. Back in the ring, Kingston hits Ricochet with a shotgun lariat. Taylor breaks the cover. He boots Kingston to stop Kingston’s charge. He takes him down with a Russian leg sweep for two. Thomaselli puts Taylor in a torture rack, dropping him down into a neckbreaker. Ricochet makes the save. Thomaselli goes for a powerbomb. Ricochet counters with a huracanrana. Kingston kicks Ricochet in the face to stop the count. Kingston gives him the Royal Flush. Thomaselli goes for a yakuza kick but blasts Kingston instead! Taylor drives his knees into Thomaselli’s face and clotheslines him to the floor. Kingston chops down Taylor. Afters ome forearms he calls for the uranage suplex. Taylor counters with a standing Shiranui. Ricochet hits the double rotation moonsault on Kingston for the win at 11:12!

The crowd was hot and receptive to the newcomers and the win felt like a huge upset. Obviously everybody loved the finish, but I think Kingston and Thomaselli’s relentless bullying helped tremendously in telling a story and getting the crowd to react accordingly. Good stuff all around, and just a small sample of what was to come. **¾

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