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December 18, 2005 / TJ Hawke

Davey Richards vs. Low Ki from EPIC WAR 2005

Recap from TJ Hawke:

Ki was in his Rottweilers gear here.  Ki was going for various submissions in the early goings.  Davey was either able to prevent the submission from being fully locked in or he was able to get to the ropes.  Ki was in complete control early.  Ki kicked Davey in the face hard at one point.  Davey came back with some submission attempts of his own.  Ki gained back the advantage soon enough though.  Davey locked in a Camel Clutch, but Ki managed to make the ropes to break the hold.  Davey ran through some basic maneuvers before locking in another submission.  They made their way to the floor, where Ki hit a scoop slam onto the hard wood floor.  Ouch.  Back in the ring, Ki locked in a body scissors.  Davey managed to make it to the ropes.    Ki was in complete control of the match at this point.   Davey tried for a sunset flip pin, but Ki reversed it into a double stomp: 1…2…NO!  Davey avoided a lariat and a roundhouse kick, and he then managed to hit a STO.  Davey then hit an overhead belly-to-belly snap suplex and a lariat for a nearfall.  Davey hit a backstabber.  Davey’s moveset back then was bizarre.  Ki came back with a running forearm which got a nearfall.  Davey hit a bridging Tiger suplex for another nearfall.  Davey went for a shooting star press, but Ki rolled out of the way. Ki then hit the shotgun dropkick.  Ki then hit the Ghetto Stomp: 1…2…3.


It’s interesting watching this match for the first time in 2012 (as I did) given that this match really highlighted a lot of the negative qualities that a significant percentage of fans  feel that these two wrestlers have now (in 2012).  It was too long, nothing in the match meant much, and the crowd was lost at various points.  I thought these two had a great match in PWG in 2011, but I didn’t enjoy this match nearly as much.  With the match being around 20+ minutes as well, I can only give this a very unenthusiastic recommendation.  These two have always had the physical tools needed to be two of the best, but a lot of their bad habits can bring down their matches.  That certainly seemed to be the case here.

Match Rating: ***

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