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December 17, 2005 / WilliamWhy

Alex Shelley vs. Steve Corino from ROH Final Battle 2005

Post by Will Young:


In mid-2005, Alex Shelley joined the main heel stable of Ring of Honor, “The Embassy”. This was a move against his former stable-mates in Generation Next, who had previously ejected Shelley from the group, and with whom The Embassy took up arms against. The previous night, The Embassy were defeated by Generation Next in a climactic “Steel Cage Warfare” match. Steve Corino, formerly a heel in a feud with Homicide, returned to ROH in mid-2005 to aid Colt Cabana against his former rival in a tag match. Corino, at this point working primarily in Japan, faced ROH World Champion “American Dragon” Bryan Danielson in a losing title effort, as well as Homicide once again, before this match with Shelley.


The Match

Although sounding like a potentially great match on paper, the problem with this match is that it occurs in exactly the wrong time for both athletes. Hindsight being 20/20, both of these men would have similar builds and styles to one another, albeit at different points in their career, and they would unfortunately not be able to meet at either appropriate time.


Here, Corino is noticeably bigger than the highlighted portion of his career spent in ECW, MLW, and early ROH; as such, he is not terribly outstanding on offense, although he moves like a smaller man. Shelley here is in the stage of his career where his style is ill-fitting, as he is trucking with a European catch-wrestling style instead of the flashier, speedier, technical wrestling he has been known for in the past few years. This Shelley seems noticeably slower and with less panache to his moves, not exactly lighting the world on fire with slower submissions and British-style ground wrestling.


It’s a shame these two men would never be able to face each other in their respective primes, as both are quite adept in the ring. This definitely feels like a low-card ROH match in the mid-2000s: There to fill time and get guys on the card, not necessarily to amaze. You could definitely find better matches out of both, and not even terribly far from the time this one is in.


High Spots

10:35 – Tornado arm-breaker by Shelley

12:10 – Double DDT/STO to Shelley and Prince Nana



Steve Corino would mainly concern himself with Homicide in ROH in 2006, culminating in a Fight Without Honor in November which Corino lost, and let Homicide shave his head after the match. Shelley would go on to attack Bryan Danielson early in 2006, and would go on to win the 2006 ROH Trios Tournament with Embassy stable-mates Jimmy Rave and Abyss. Shelley would parlay this success into a title match with Danielson, which he lost. Shelley would end up leaving ROH on a full-time basis later in 2006 due to his obligations in TNA.


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