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September 11, 2005 / TJ Hawke

AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe vs. Christopher Daniels from TNA’s Unbreakable 2005

Recap from TJ Hawke:

Joe defeated AJ in the Super X Cup finals to earn this shot. Daniels arguably cost AJ the match though so AJ got included as well. I believe (I do not care enough to look it up) that Daniels was the longest running X-Division Champion at the time of this match.

Joe and AJ destroyed Daniels early. Then they all started going back and forth. Daniels sent Joe to the floor and wiped him out with an Arabian Press Moonsault. AJ then hit a shooting star to the floor. They went back and forth in the ring more. Joe got the Coquina on Daniels, but Styles broke it up with the Spiral Tap. They went back and forth some more. AJ and Daniels ended up on the floor, and Joe hit a corkscrew dive~! That was awesome. Joe beat AJ in a strike exchange and then hit the Muscle Buster. Daniels hit AJ with a BME, but Joe made the save. The match slowed down a ton, which makes sense but is not especially exciting. AJ GOT THE TORTURE RACK ON JOE~! AJ hit Daniels with the Clash, but Joe made the save. Daniels baited Joe to the floor. Daniels and AJ then went at it. They traded punches. AJ avoided Angel’s Wings and bridged Daniels: 1…2…3!

The first twenty minutes are pretty consistently great with tons of exciting action and the occasional character beat. Then, things slow down for the last seven minutes (or so) and nothing of real note happens until the match ends. Overall though, I think the match holds up as being pretty great and should be watched by anyone who has not seen it before.

Match Rating: ****



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