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September 9, 2005 / Case Lowe

Matt Sydal vs. James Gibson from IWA-MS 2005

Post by Case Lowe:

Gibson was in possession of the ROH World Championship at this point. This was in the midst of his amazing 10 month run on the US indie scene after being let go by WWE in late 2004. Sydal is experience his own career rebirth in his post-WWE days right now in both Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling. Before that, however, he was a young kid in IWA-MS and ROH. He was only a few months into his run with Generation Next for ROH. I don’t know if it was that or the fact that he grew up in IWA-MS that sort of made him an ass in this match, but, well, Matt Sydal was sort of an ass in this match.

He just so happened to have his ass handed to him by the wild southern boy, also known as James Gibson. Gibson is a true pioneer of independent wrestling. Johnny Gargano, Ethan Page, and Joey Ryan (a true King of Trios team when it comes to vanity searching) have copied numerous logos to “design” t-shirts, but Gibson, with a John Deere logo proudly stretched across his spandex, showed that he is a true innovator in this style.

Gibson hits HARD in this match. It’s awesome. Seeing Sydal sell and sell only to be hit harder and harder was a real thing of beauty. While this was nowhere near Gibson’s best match during his indie run, it was an example of how solid of a hand he was. This match was really easy to watch. Nothing too mind blowing if you’ve seen both men work before, but a solid bout regardless. Thumbs up from me.

Rating: Pretty Fun


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