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June 20, 2005 / TJ Hawke

Shelton Benjamin vs. Carlito from WWE’s Raw TV 2005


Recap from TJ Hawke:

This was for Shelton’s Intercontinental Title. Carlito had just been drafted to Raw. Shelton went for a no-hands dive early, but he botched it and nearly killed himself.


Back from commercial, Carlito was working over Shelton. Shelton finally slowed him down with a clothesline. Shelton made a comeback.  He got a nearfall with a diving clothesline. He got a second nearfall with a bridging Northern Lights suplex. Carlito came back with a DDT for a nearfall of his own. Shelton came back with a small package for a nearfall. Shelton got another nearfall with a Samoan Drop (he’s not even Samoan!). Carlito managed to roll up Shelton, and he grabbed the ropes: 1…2…3! New champ!

An ok TV match. The crowd popped for the title change.

Match Rating: **


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