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April 24, 2005 / TJ Hawke

Jeff Hardy vs. Raven from TNA Lockdown 2005

Recap from TJ Hawke:

This was a tables match in a cage. I was hoping it would just be a “tables are legal” stipulation, but the winner would be the first to put his opponent through a table.

Raven got control very quickly. Raven accidentally put himself through a table though. Jeff then controlled the match for a while and busted Raven open. Jeff set Raven up on a couple of tables. He went to the top of the cage and did the Swanton through the tables…unfortunately, Raven moved out of the way. That did not give Raven control of the match for some reason. They briefly brawled some more. Hardy climbed out as Raven open the door. Raven used the door to crotch Hardy. Why are they trying to escape? Hardy dove into the ring, but Raven got his boots up. I have no idea what they were trying to do there. It did not look good though. Raven and the referee then worked together to set up four tables. Raven then forced Hardy to climb the cage. Jedi mind trick, perhaps? Regardless, Hardy knocked Raven onto the four tables. Jeff then put him through all the tables with a legdrop.

This match is not good in any way. Do not watch it. It’s more sad than anything else. Jeff Hardy had worse matches in his first TNA run, but that is no reason to put yourself through this.

Match Rating: *3/4


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