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April 2, 2005 / Kevin Ford

Claudio Castagnoli vs. Sonjay Dutt from CZW Trifecta Elimination III: Prove Your Worth

Post by Kevin Ford:

Dutt rolls under Claudio’s attempts at a collar and elbow tie-up. Claudio palms his forehead and shoves him to the corner. Dutt catches him with boots from the corner, then takes him down with a quesadora armdrag. He hits a second rope crossbody for two. Claudio hits him with an uppercut. Dutt shoves Claudio to the corner. Dutt avoids an uppercut and hits a springboard dropkick for two. Dutt grabs a cravate which Claudio reverses. He drives his elbow into Dutt’s forehead. Dutt comes back with Deja vu. Claudio throws Dutt down by his arm which has a large elbow pad on it. He arm whips him using the same arm, then hip tosses Dutt while hooking him in a hammerlock.Dutt punches out of a wristlock. He uppercuts Dutt in his bad arm to stop his offense. He bodyslams Dutt in a hammerlock for two. Dutt uses the second rope to maneuver up into a crucifix bomb! Claudo kicks out of the pin and boots Dutt in the arm. Another hammerlock bodyslam leads to a two count. Claudio misses a pair of elbow drops. Dutt hits a basement dropkick. He strings some punches with his good arm and kicks to the leg together. Dutt comes in from the apron with a Dragonrana, sending Claudio to the floor. Dutt follows with a pescado. In the ring, Hero catches Dutt’s springboard crossbody. Dutt rolls him into a prawn hold for two. Claudio catches Dutt coming over the ropes into a Burning Hammer. Dutt kicks out just in the nick of time. Claudio lifts Dutt by his arm and places him on the top rope. Dutt knocks Claudio down to the matt. He goes for the Hindu Press. Claudio moves, but Dutt hits the Sonjay Cutta for two. As Dutt climbs the ropes, Sabian distracts him. Claudio blasts Dutt with a rolling uppercut and hooks the tights for the pin at 9:38.

As solid as the match was, the crowd was not into it, and the finish didn’t help change their minds. It was fine in execution but nothing about this stands out. You just know they’re capable of producing something better. **¼

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