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December 11, 2004 / TJ Hawke

Kevin Steen & El Generico vs. Super Dragon & Excalibur from CZW’s Cage of Death 2004

Recap from TJ Hawke:

Well, this is a cool matchup. Generico got cut off fairly quickly and then worked over. At one point, Super Dragon took out Steen and then pretended to be calling for a hot tag from Generico. Generico tagged out to Dragon much to my amusement. Generico eventually tagged out to Steen for real, and Steen made a comeback. Generico took out Dragon and Excalibur with a Fosbury Flop. Steen then took them out with a senton atomico. Back in the ring, Excalibur got his knees up to block a moonsault. Steen tossed Excalibur out of the ring, and Excalibur crashed into the apron of a second ring. Hashtag Cage of Death. Excalibur may have torn something on that. Steen and Dragon went at it. Steen gave him the Curb Stomp. Excalibur recovered and gave Steen a tombstone. A lot of finishers were teased, but everyone’s partner saved them. I liked that sequence. Dragon hit his springboard spinning heel kick to Generico. It looked nasty. Excalibur hit Steen with a spider German, and Generico immediately followed that with his coast-to-coast senton dropkick on Excalibur. Generico gave Excalibur the turnbuckle brainbuster. Steen gave Dragon a gutbuster and then hit a BEAUTIFUL moonsault: 1…2…NO! Dragon and Generico went at it. It lead to a Dragon curb stomp and Psycho Driver: 1…2….3!

Steen gave Generico a package piledriver after the match. Dragon chased him away. Excalibur then gave Generico a Jay Driller, and Super Dragon double stomped Generico’s head on a chair. Dragon then small packaged him, and Excalibur counted a pinfall. They mock celebrated that extraordinary accomplishment.

As you would expect, these four put forth a fantastic effort. As you would not necessarilly expect, the CZW crowd was red hot for this match, and the combination lead to an awesome spectacle. I highly recommend that you check this out.

Match Rating: ****


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