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October 31, 2004 / TJ Hawke

Mitsuharu Misawa & Keiji Mutoh vs. Kensuke Sasaki & Hiroshi Hase from AJPW’s Keiji Mutoh 20th Anniversary: Love & Bump 2004

Recap from TJ Hawke:

Hase and Kensuke seemed to be getting an advantage, but Mutoh and Misawa came back with a pescado and elbow suicida, respectively. Mutoh was cut off shortly after this and worked over. They went after his left arm. Mutoh eventually escaped and tagged out to Misawa who started to come back. Kensuke gave him a Tiger Suplex though and then hit a diving crossbody to the floor. That looked nasty. Hase gave him the Giant Swing. Misawa caught Hase with a German and then managed to tag out to Mutoh. Mutoh and Misawa made a comeback. They applied stereo submissions. Hase and Kensuke came back. Kensuke tried to get Mutoh to tap out with an armbar. Misawa saved him, but Mutoh then ate a lariat and a brainbuster. Misawa had to save him again. Hase then hit two urinagis. Mutoh came back with a Shining Wizard but then ate another lariat and another urinagi. Misawa saved him again. Misawa and Mutoh both hit Shining Wizards. Mutoh hit Hase with Emerald Frosion: 1…2…NO! Hase then ate a Tiger Driver from Misawa and a Shining Wizard from Mutoh. Misawa took out Kensuke with a dive that we did not get to see. Moonsault on Hase: 1…2…3!

There were a lot cool ideas and moments in this match, but it did not add up to a great match. I liked the arm work by Hase and Kensuke, but it did not go anywhere when the match mattered. The match probably also went about eight to ten minutes too long. Overall, I don’t regret watching this match, but I cannot enthusiastically recommend it on quality alone. It was Misawa’s last match in AJPW ever though, which makes it significant.

Match Rating: **1/2


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