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April 28, 2004 / TJ Hawke

Super Crazy & Ryusuke Taguchi vs. Los Guerreros del Infierno (Rey Bucanero & Ultimo Guerrero) from NJPW 2004

Recap from TJ Hawke:

I am embarrassed to admit that I have never watched a tag match with Rey Bucanero & Ultimo Guerrero. The teams were going back and forth a lot. GDI eventually got the advantage. They cut off Crazy but worked over Taguchi. It was an odd sequence. It did not last long, as Taguchi eventually tagged out to Crazy. Crazy went for a Frankensteiner, but Guerrero reversed it into a diving powerbomb. Taguchi got a scoolboy on Guerrero for a nearfall. Crazy hit a big plancha on Bucanero, but the director completely missed it. Guerrero hit Taguchi with a powerbomb: 1…2…3

There were some decent moments in this one, but I found it nearly impossible to care. Maybe you will like it more, but it was not for me.

Match Rating: **1/4



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