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December 27, 2003 / Reed

Raven & Sandman vs. Zandig & Wifebeater from 3PW’s Su-Su-Superfly 2003

Review by Reed Benson:

I clicked on this match expecting a dumb, bloody brawl, but what I got was an interesting story that kept me engaged and interested in seeing more. Yes, a match featuring the Sandman, the Wifebeater, and John Zandig (plus Raven in a kilt) was one of the most entertaining freebies I’ve seen in recent months!

This match was totally built on the story and does a good job of working around the weaknesses of the wrestlers involved. Raven was the commissioner and champion of 3PW, and he seemed to be forcing his mortal enemy the Sandman to tag with him against the CZW invaders (I guess that hug Raven and Sandman shared near the end of ECW is non-canonical). Since this was at the former ECW Arena – which CZW runs regularly – and since Raven was an egotistical commissioner and always has Jack Victory around to do his dirty work, Zandig and the Wifebeater were the babyfaces (no hints of their rivalry here).

Raven bossed Sandman around constantly throughout the match, and Sandman begrudgingly put up with it. He made Sandman set up weapons for his spots and assist him in double team moves, and he never said “thank you.” Though it isn’t explicitly stated in this video, it seems that Sandman has been barred from using his Singapore cane; it’s completely absent from this match. He seems to spite this early on by doing real wrestling moves, which was good for a laugh.

After Raven and Sandman slam Wifebeater from the Eagle’s Nest through a table, they got heat on Zandig for a while. Believe it or not, Wifebeater stayed down for a good long time. The deathmatch wrestler takes a table bump and sells it like it damaged him! Up is down, left is right, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria!

And when ‘Beater does recover, he makes the hot tag and runs wild (never mind the “logic” behind making tags in a no-DQ match). There are a couple close nearfalls in a row where Sandman kicks out of a Chokenstein (I think Raven missed his cue on pulling out the ref) and then Wifebeater kicks out of a roll-up after Victory bashes him with a chair.

Finally, Raven made his own hot tag and hit some of his spots, putting Zandig through a table with a bulldog (sort of), and it all comes to a head when Raven has the Evenflow DDT set up but Sandman DDTs him and lets Wifebeater pin him.

Why did Sandman work with Raven for so long before turning on him? Why were there so many tags in a no-DQ match? Why did the ref need to be distracted from Sandman DDTing Raven? I hope these are questions that are answered on the full DVD (available at Smart Mark Video dot com). Nevertheless, even without answers, I still had enough fun here to give this match a recommendation (and a longer-than-necessary write-up).

Quick take: The story made this fun.

– Reed Benson

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