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October 27, 2003 / TJ Hawke

Rob Van Dam vs. Chris Jericho from WWE 2003

Recap from TJ Hawke:

This was for RVD’s Intercontinental Championship. I think there was also something going on with these guys being on opposing teams for a big Survivor Series match.

They went back and forth for a bit. Jericho got control after hitting a low blow, and he then worked over RVD. Eric Bischoff ran down to the ring just as RVD got to the ropes. That distraction allowed Jericho to drag RVD back to the center, and RVD ended up being forced to tap?

Steve Austin came out to a fraction of the pop he got in his days as an active wrestler. Austin announced that Jericho would make his first defense right now in a cage match against RVD.

Jericho was in control at the start. RVD made a comeback. Jericho blocked RVD from climbing. RVD avoided the Lionsault. Jericho almost climbed out. RVD caught him, and both men crashed to the mat. They battled on a rope while hanging onto the cage. RVD won that battle. RVD then kicked the door into Jericho’s face and dropped to the floor.

This was okay. The match wasn’t particularly memorable on its own, and the angles made the big Survivor Series match seem completely dead and unimportant.

Match Rating: **1/4


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