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September 19, 2003 / Bill Thompson

Funkin’ Army (Sandman, Terry Funk, Steve Williams, Sabu, & Bill Alfonso) vs. Extreme Horseman (CW Anderson, Steve Corino, Simon Diamond, PJ Walker, & Barry Windham) from Major League Wrestling 2003

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Thoughts from Bill Thompson:

This is a War Games match.

A match that exemplifies in just about every way why I was never able to get into Extreme Championship Wrestling in its later days. A ring full of a bunch of guys I like, and a few I’m not a fan of, who are being used in a way that leaves a lot to be desired. I mean, there’s really not much one can do with Steve Williams, Barry Windham, or Terry Funk at this stage in their careers. I like all three, but they are very much past their sell-by dates in this match. But, Steve Corino, CW Anderson, and Simon Diamond are three guys who are still able to go and who I happen to enjoy. And here they are stuck in a garbage match that is a chore to sit through.

I get it, I understand what some are going to say. For some of you maybe this match was a lot of fun. Perhaps it was a journey down memory lane. Or, you’re the type who puts credence in the theory of turning your brain off and enjoying something. I’m not that sort, and I don’t think I ever will be. In order for me to enjoy something my brain needs to be on. There’s a decided link between neural activity and how much I enjoy something. I don’t believe I’m all that uncommon when it comes to existing in such a way.

The point being, I didn’t find much of anything to enjoy about this match. Watching Sandman attempt to wrestle is never fun. Nor is it any fun watching PJ Walker suck the life out of a room merely by coming through the ropes. I do enjoy the Sabu and Bill Alfonso shtick, but as soon as they enter the ring and start to randomly put people through tables and blow spots left and right my enjoyment ends. Anderson and Diamond are more than capable of great matches, but here they bump a little bit and then stagger around for giant chunks of time.

I could go on and on, but instead I will attempt to keep it simple. This isn’t a match for me, though it may be for others. This is pure garbage wrestling. I’m not opposed to garbage wrestling, I happen to like a lot of it. But, it needs to be fun in order for me to enjoy the garbage on display. This wasn’t any fun, it was a sad attempt by a doomed promotion to cash in on nostalgia. Chalk it up to me being a curmudgeon, but I’ll chalk this up to nearly thirty minutes of my life spent watching crap that I’ll never be able to get back.

Bill Thompson

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