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August 9, 2003 / Reed

Sonjay Dutt vs. JC Bailey from CZW 2003

Review by Reed Benson:

JC Bailey’s IWA Mid-South Light Heavyweight Title is on the line, and it’s a ladder match.

It takes Dutt and Bailey a little over three minutes to quit with the indy-tastic feeling out process and actually treat this like pinfalls and submissions don’t count. It takes them another four minutes to act like the only way to win is to get the belt from above the ring. They take a few bumps off the ladder – dropkick, Russian leg sweep, neckbreaker – but the most dangerous spot for the two wrestlers is the DDT from the top rope onto a standing chair, no ladder involved. There’s also an attempt at a tarantula with the ladder that doesn’t look all that good.

Bailey does a double stomp off the middle rung of the ladder when he could’ve gone and gotten the belt instead. Then comes the most dangerous spot of the match for the fans. Dutt is whipped into a smaller, lighter ladder propped against the ropes, and as he tumbles out of the ring, the ladder flies into the front row, landing between two women and in the lap of a guy in the second row. It could’ve easily nailed one of them in the face, but luckily for CZW, it didn’t. Meanwhile, in the time it takes for security to check on Dutt and the fans, Bailey could easily have climbed the larger ladder and had the belt.

Bailey misses a somersault and lands on a new ladder, and then Dutt actually goes after him like he wants to win. He beats him with the ladder and sets it up on two chairs. After some struggle, he hits a neckbreaker on the ladder, then sets Bailey on it and lands a phoenix splash. Then he climbs the big ladder faster than anyone I’ve ever seen at this stage of a ladder match and gets the belt.

So like most ladder matches, it has some bits where you have to check logic at the door, but I’d be lying if I wasn’t mildly entertained by some parts. I do prefer my ladder matches to have more deliberation on the parts of the workers, though that’s often hard to come by.

I guess the most egregious part of the whole thing is Eric Gargiulo claiming that the citizens of Bombay, India, would be partying in the streets if Sonjay Dutt won an independent wrestling title in Philadelphia.

– Reed Benson 

Twitter: @Hookthelegman

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