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July 20, 2003 / TJ Hawke

The Hi-V (B-Boy & Trent Acid) vs. Homicide & Mafia from CZW’s Deja Vu 2003

Recap from Nightlife:

Whenever I think of Dan Maff, I’m reminded of the early JAPW days. He would throw cruiserweights from inside the ring straight into the wall like lawn darts.  Good to see B-Boy is still wearing the trashbag gear he wore over 10 years ago.  It’s really weird to see Homicide actually giving a shit when he wrestles.  As Dan Maff and B-Boy square off it’s Battle of the Balds.  Fucking unnecessary kick from Maff which B-Boy nosells and returns in kind.  The Maff/B-Boy exchange is a classic early 2000s indy wrestling exchange with lots of aping of the classic AJPW heavyweight matches of the 1990s.  Homicide tags in and immediately hits an RKO.  Good to see that’s been an indie transitional move for longer than I’ve been watching wrestling.  Face eraser from B-Boy on Homicide and I do declare I will NEVER get tired of seeing that move. B-Boy and Trent getting the heat on Homicide.  Homicide with an avalanche hurricanrana on B-Boy and I had no idea he ever even did that move.  Maff gets in and does his trademark gross suplexes, dropping B-Boy on the side of his head with a sloppy half-and-half. There are a LOT of fucking unnecessary kicks in this match.  Dewey Donovan interferes and reminds me that at one point he did in fact have hair.  Dan Maff hits everyone with a suicide dive.  Maff and B-Boy in the ring and Maff chucks B-Boy into another headdrop suplex, this time a full nelson.  Maff suplexes Trent into a tree of woe-hung B-Boy.  Dan Maff was doing deadlift suplexes every other move years before it really caught on with other indy wrestlers.  German suplex by Maff onto B-Boy while B-Boy was holding Trent Acid to a short “holy shit” chant.  Both Maff and Homicide have hit running big boots in this match as transitional moves when that same move is Trent Acid’s finisher.  That’s one of those things I don’t like in indie wrestling. Dan Maff with a cannonball in the corner to a big pop.  Homicide and Trent go from exchanging elbows to exchanging Yakuza Kicks, which, remember, is Trent’s finisher and Homicide no-sells like 4 of those in a row.  INSANE head drop German suplex off the top by Maff on Trent. B-Boy making a babyface comeback for some reason even though he’s supposed to be a heel.  Everybody is down.  Trent Acid with an Acid Bomb on Homicide but the pin is broken up by Dan Maff.  Maff hits a Burning Hammer on B-Boy but the ref is distracted by Dewey Donovan, who then low-blows Maff.  Trent Yakuza Kicks Maff with a chair in Maff’s face, then runs into a Yakuza Kick from Homicide for a two count.  Trent reverses a cop killer into a rollup and wins with a funky bridge.  Pretty good match, nothing spectacular though.  The finish was kind of abrupt.


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