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February 8, 2003 / TJ Hawke

Jay Briscoe vs. Mark Briscoe from ROH’s Anniversary Show 2003


Match: Jay Briscoe vs. Mark Briscoe
Promotion: Ring of Honor
Show: ROH First Anniversary Show
Date: 2/8/2003
From: Queens, NY


Recap from Bob Colling:

A little bit of a back story for this match. Mark couldn’t wrestle on most of the ROH shows in their first year of existence because he was too young. However, he was still on the shows and would get under Jay’s skin by laughing at him when he would lose. Mark was able to wrestle when they went to Boston in 2002 and beat Jay both times. To add insult to everything, Mark turned on his brother and joined the top heel faction, the Prophecy led by Christopher Daniels. However, a death of a close friend caused Mark to rethink his life. That leads us to this showdown in Queens.


They show each other respect and they start off with some basic wrestling which was mainly top wrist locks and go behinds. Jay nails Mark with a running boot to Mark’s head and it looks like Mark is knocked out and we aren’t even three minutes into the match. The referee checks on Mark but Mark was playing possum and he trips Jay to work on his left knee. Jay is able to fight back with a spinning heel kick. Jay gets a near fall with a snap suplex. Jay continues his offense with a nice dropkick but Mark won’t stay down for a three count. Jay drives Mark down to the canvas with a delayed vertical suplex.


Jay tries for the Jay Driller but Mark bridges out and soon hits a hurricanrana. Jay catches Mark with a suplex. Mark runs right into a big Mafia kick but quickly hits a Japanese arm drag. Mark delivers a gut wrench suplex and a knee drop for a near fall. Mark with a northern lights but Jay kicks out before a three count. Jay charges at Mark to hit a clothesline and both men fall over the top to the floor.


They begin to trade a series of blows on the floor as the intensity is starting to pick up and the fans are getting into the slug fest. Mark rams Jay into the ring post face first. Mark hits a springboard somersault dive onto a bloody Jay on the floor! Mark heads to the top again and proceeds to hit a moonsault on the floor! Mark attempts a springboard back into the ring but Jay nails him with a super kick. Jay has Mark set up for a Torture Rack but switches into a back breaker! Jay nearly wins after a Death Valley Driver!


Mark hits a running high knee in the corner and puts Jay on the top rope. Mark connects with a springboard ace crusher from off the top but Jay pops his shoulder up before three. Mark goes for the cut throat driver but Jay gets out of it and looks for the Jay Driller. Mark counters with a double leg slam. Jay counters another springboard ace crusher with an ace crusher of his own! Jay knocks Mark silly with a running Mafia kick and both men are down in the ring.


Jay plants Mark with a sit down powerbomb. Jay decides to head to the top rope and hits a senton bomb but Mark kicks out just before three. Jay looks for the Jay Driller but Mark avoids it. Mark takes Jay over with an overhead suplex. Mark hits the Mark Driller but Jay kicks out! Mark misses a top rope moonsault. Jay hits the Jay Driller but holds on to hit two more Jay Drillers! Jay covers and wins the match!


After the match, Jay helps Mark up and they embrace. They’d become a tag team after the match.


This was a great way to establish two young talents for an upstart promotion, in my opinion. I really feel like this was a huge statement for these two, and it showed they could put forth a great match. Once they left the ring, it seemed like the crowd could pick up on the intensity that was going to be presented and the slug fest did just that. That speaks volumes to how well they worked this match when you can sense the switch in intensity. After a slow start, which was really just a minute and half, the match produced several quality high spots and the finish was very good. I’d check this match out and see how the Briscoe Brothers have evolved over the years.

Match Rating: ****


Thoughts from Jesse Nyugen:

This was the first time I ever saw the Briscoe Brothers, so it was a strange thing seeing them in solo action, and against each other. I think what made the match so great is that you had two real life brothers, who have probably competed against each other all their lives, trying to prove who is better on what was ROH’s biggest show at the time. I really think this match stole the show, and the Briscoes have only gotten better since then.


Thoughts from TJ Hawke:

There are a couple of things that stick out to me about this match. The Briscoes are SO skinny here.  PAPA BRISCOE, in all of his glory, appears in the crowd with MAMA BRISCOE. Anyway, on to the match. This match was like a lot of Briscoes singles and tag team matches. They do ALL the moves until they can’t do anymore moves. Some people may not be into this style, but I think there is a time and a place for it. It helps that The Briscoes work the style better than most people too. You should definitely check out this match.

Match Rating: ***3/4


Thoughts from Reggie Gaines:

This was another great and stiff match put on by the wild Briscoe Brothers. I really enjoyed the build of the jay driller through the entire match with some of the early chain wrestling and counters focusing on it. As the match pours to the outside things take a crazy turn as both brothers start to beat the crap out of each other. Mark then hits 2 crazy highspots with a great springboard tope con hilo and an awesome moonsault to a grounded jay on the outside. The springboard ace crusher be Mark followed by Jay countering the same move with an ace crusher of his own was sweet. Both brothers bumped really well for each other as we’ve seen with all of their matches. The finish was built upon nicely with the jay driller as I said earlier being the emphasis. Mark hittting Jay with the jay driller followed by Jay hitting mark with 3 incredibly stiff jay drillers was a great way to finish the match with both wrestlers looking strong in the end. It’s crazy how much the Briscoes have changed in the years becoming the best tag team of the last decade in my eye, but at the core they are just as kick ass then as they are now.


Thoughts from Gage Davis:

Beginning stretch of this match felt like a exhibition between the brothers as they showed the crowd their traditional offense and moves but in the end the competitiveness of brotherhood gave the match it’s identity, The fist exchange on the outside was the definite turning point and both men turned up the violence several notches afterwards, With Mark using Jay’s finisher, Jay would bite his brother back by using the move three times to teach his younger brother respect. Great match out of several great matches that these brothers have had.

Match Rating: ****


Thoughts from Chris GST:

This is one of those matches that epitomized the early ROH. Guys busting their humps who were hungry and wanted to really put a stamp on their careers at a big show. Jay and Mark here were feuding for most of 2002 and they wanted the crowds to see what they could do and it was really an appetizer to what they would accomplish as a tag team.  Of course it was also what many would criticize ROH for over the years, but honestly at the time they had to do to gain traction with the fan base, a match that too early in the event could possibly bring the fans up too high. I enjoyed it and it brought back some good memories.


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