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February 7, 2003 / TJ Hawke

CM Punk vs. Chris Hero from IWA Mid-South 2003

Post by TJ Hawke:

This match is for Punk’s IWA Mid-South Heavyweight Championship.

This match was just not for me in any way, shape, or form. I can see this match being viewed at the time and in the context of their very long feud (in and out of IWA-MS) as being great. I would genuinely understand that viewpoint. However, viewed twelve years later out of context just makes it a boring match that goes absurdly long with very little of the 90+ minutes of action being compelling or entertaining. They deserve credit for making sure the fans still cared towards the end, (and it’s undeniable that the fans were red-hot for the finish). There’s also something beautiful about the story of Hero finally defeating Punk in a singles match in a 2/3 falls match after 90 minutes of wrestling. I lost interest in the match long before the match got entertaining unfortunately. (**)


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