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January 15, 2003 / JP

Dusty Rhodes, Jeff Jarrett, & Road Warriors vs. Triple X & Vince Russo from NWA/TNA: Weekly PPV #28 1/15/03)

Recap by: JP

January 15th, 2003
Jeff Jarrett/Dusty Rhodes/Road Warrior Animal/Road Warrior Hawk vs. Triple X (Christopher Daniels/Elix Skipper/Low Ki) & Vince Russo

In the midst of TNA’s first major stable attempt involving Vince Russo’s Sports Entertainment Extreme going head to head with the traditions of the NWA, various names of the NWA Alumni decided to show up in TNA. The Road Warriors debuted in December 2002 to a big ovation from the Nashville audience. Dusty Rhodes had shown up the week before this match. All three are making their TNA in-ring debut in this match (in the Road Warriors’ case, their only time wrestling for TNA). This was also Vince Russo’s TNA in-ring debut. Borash introduced Russo as a former WCW Champion. He was covered head to toe in hockey pads and a hockey helmet that he had used previously back in WCW. The Road Warriors became members of the TNA Alumni that used Abyss’s theme before it became Abyss’s theme including other such alumni as Jimmy Yang and Monty Brown. If Russo’s team wins this match, then he gets to name all of the opponents for the NWA World/Tag/X Champions next week.

Triple X and Russo had a huddle on the outside. Dusty took a mic and told them to get on with this. Daniels and Jarrett start off. These two would have a mini program a little later in the year in the first attempt to push Daniels as a top singles. I wish that had led to more and that these two had gotten more of a chance for more of a major match. Low Ki and Animal tag in. Nashville loves the LOD. Low Ki gets tossed across the ring by Animal. Low Ki goes for the Tidal Wave, but Animal catches him in a Sitout Powerbomb~! Shoulder Block by Animal but Skipper cheated while Daniels distracted the ref. Skipper & Ki doubleteam on Animal until Animal suplexes both of them. Tag in to Hawk. He hits a big boot on Skipper and falls over, following up with a dropkick. Skipper matrixes out of the pin and kicks him right in the head. Hawk is having none of it. Gutwrench suplex then a tag into JJ. Russo is now on the ring apron after avoiding it most of the match. He gets in some terrible cheap shots on Jarrett when the ref was turned. Jarrett lays out Daniels & Ki before attempting to go after Russo. Triple X take advantage on the floor.

Double gordbuster by Skipper & Daniels on Jarrett for two. They isolate Jarrett while taunting the NWA Alumni for a while. Jarrett gets fired up by the crowd and makes the tag but the ref was distracted again. Jarrett tried a dropkick but Skipper dodged it. Daniels continued to work over Jarrett. Jarrett attempted a small package but the ref was distracted AGAIN due to the Road Warriors and Dusty trying to stop the heels involvement. Some great doubleteaming by Daniels/Low Ki on Jarrett including the XXXecution and a Boston Crab/Springboard Knee Drop combination. Jarrett and Daniels have a brief exchange and both are down. Jarrett FINALLY tags in to Dusty who cleans house with Bionic Elbows for everyone except Russo. Road Warriors take out Ki and Daniels. Bionic Elbow again on Skipper by Dusty. Russo takes off his jacket and is ready to face Dusty until MR. WRESTLING IV~! Shows up and hits Dusty in the back of the head with a chain. Russo puts Skipper’s arm on Dusty as Tenay and West shout in agony over the win in 11:41 and claim it could spell the end for TNA.

After the match, Mr. Wrestling IV gets in the ring and unmasks as NIKITA KOLOFF~! Tenay loses his mind over The Russian Nightmare joining Sports Entertainment Xtreme.

Not much of a match. More a storyline main event than anything else. Jeff Jarrett took punishment for a while. The Road Warriors did not have much interest in making Triple X look strong, even though they themselves looked OK when involved. The Nashville audience could be very hot or very cold at times and on this particular night, they were not that invested for the Road Warriors, Dusty, or the Nikita Koloff reveal. This match did accomplish making me want to see Jeff Jarrett vs. Low Ki which is a pairing I never really thought about until re-watching this. Unfortunately, they never interacted again in a ring following this match. Make it happen, PWS!


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