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December 28, 2002 / Sam DiMascio

Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Abdullah the Butcher from 3PW’s Year End Mayhem 2002

Post by Sam:

Welcome to peak “When bad wrestling is so bad it is good for more than a few laughs”.

The sheer fact that this match occurred in 2002 in an ECW run off promotion brings a tear to my eye. Abdullah the Butcher comes near the top of the list for least athletic wrestlers ever. Bam Bam Bigelow does not resemble the athletic big man archetype which he in some ways defines. No, this match takes place between two fellas who are out of shape and can’t do a ton.

Let’s run down some of the stellar action that takes place here. Abby pretty much hands Bam Bam a fork so he can get stabbed. That means within a minute your fat hardcore god, Abdullah, bleeds because the people came to see him do it. From there Abby throws throat chops while Bam Bam lightly bumps around for him. The fact that when they try to transition the match to the outside and Abdullah can’t fit through the ropes will bring joy to even the most hardened individuals. The ending is literally Bam Bam jumping through a piece of wood while Abby pretends like he had to move. Tremendous.


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  1. Reed / Dec 29 2015 8:26 PM

    It’s like WrestleMania 11 where Bam Bam has to carry a guy who can’t work, except now Bam Bam is too old to do much himself. So, really, it’s nothing like WrestleMania 11.

    I like how the people booed at Abdullah’s weak attempt at getting his head rammed into the post, but then they kind of realized the state Abby’s body was in and that there was no way he could do anything like that realistically, so they decided to let it go.

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