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October 5, 2002 / TJ Hawke

Samoa Joe vs. Low Ki from ROH’s Glory by Honor 2002

Recap from TJ Hawke:

This was a FIGHT WITHOUT HONOR~! Joe was a hired ASSASSIN of The Prophecy. 2002 ROH was different.

Joe had the early advantage. Ki fought back with some big kicks. He took Joe down with a Koppou Kick: 1…NO! Joe came right back and got the advantage. Ki was going for various arm submissions. Joe came back and hit the Face Wash. He then did the folding powerbomb/STF spot. Ki came back and dropped Joe on his head with a backdrop driver. Dragon Sleeper! Joe escaped. They took off their tape and lowered their knee pads. They traded big moves. Ki delivered some Kawada Kicks. Ki then connected on some strikes to the head: 1…2…3!

Despite it being a Fight WITHOUT Honor, they shook hands after the match. What will The Prophecy think of this??? They hold up the Zero-1 flag. In tears over the amount of #respect, #honor, and #fightingspirit shown here.

A big difference between this match and a lot of imitators over the years is that these two really sold the exhaustion of the style that they were using. This was a brutal match at times, and they sold it appropriately.

It’s still a mystery to me (besides speculation regarding Low Ki being very Lol Ki) why ROH never managed to make a rematch happen.

Match Rating: ***3/4


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