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September 26, 2002 / TJ Hawke

Edge vs. Eddie Guerrero from Smackdown 2002

Pre-Match Thoughts:

By the fall of 2002, the brand split finally started to seem kinda stable. You had the new GM’s set in stone, then you had the reshuffling of the rosters. By the fall, you had a clear idea of who was on what show. Also, you had an idea of what show was going to deliver what kind of content. Raw was still the big show everyone watches, but Smackdown had it’s fair share of big names as well. They also had the better roster, thanks to what many people dubbed the “Smackdown Six”. Chris Benoit, Edge, Rey Mysterio, Eddie Guerrero, Kurt Angle and Chavo Guerrero were all on fire at this point in terms of match quality- you knew every week they were out there they put on something special. Edge and Eddie Guerrero in particular were embroiled in a feud at the time over the Intercontinental championship and had a series of great matches over the summer of 2002 leading into the fall, culminating in a ladder match on Smackdown for the championship. I haven’t seen this since it aired on UPN 11 years ago so let’s check it out!

The Match:

“LISTEN TO THE EDGEHEADS!” Micheal Cole yells as the crowd is edited out due to WWE editing out his Rob Zombie music. Eddie immediately starts with an assault. Edge fights back for a bit including a monkey flip but Eddie fights back, being in control for the early part of this match. Eddie has Edge in a sleeper but Edge starts to fight back and hits a nice powerslam as he goes to the top rope, but Eddie clips him and hits a superplex as Edge kicks out at two. Eddie counters a Edge irish whip and winds up in the electric chair position, but Edge hotshots him into the ropes and counters with a clothesline that sends Eddie over the top and onto the floor. Edge then takes out a ladder and goes to use it on Eddie, but Eddie ducks and instead hits the referee HARD IN THE FACE. God that looked painful. Eddie then takes a chair and waffles Edge in the back. He throws him into the ring and hits him again with the chair for good measure. Eddie goes for a frog splash but Edge dodges. After a commercial break Eddie is stomping away at Edge as a new referee is now in place. Eddie jumps on Edge and goes for a sleeper. During the break we see Edge hitting a spear but there was no referee. Back to the current goings on, Edge powers back with a bulldog for two. Edge climbs to the top turnbuckle, but Eddie immediately fights back with a hurricanrana off the top rope for a two count. Eddie starts to work on the elbow and goes to the top rope for a lucha like move but Edge catches him and powerbombs him for two. Edge goes to the outside and grabs a ladder as he throws it into the ring. Eddie, however, recovers and dropkicks the ladder into Edge’s face. Eddie goes to the outside and brings out another ladder into play. Edge fights back with some punches but Eddie uppercuts him as he takes a flat back bump into the ladder which I imagine isn’t that fun to take. Eddie sandwiches Edge into the two ladders and hits his springboard senton as Eddie covers but Edge kicks out. Eddie opens one of the ladders and starts to climb but Edge starts to as well and soon enough they’re exchanging blows, but all of a sudden Eddie hits a sunset flip off the ladder onto the floor that’s friggin AWESOME. Edge somehow kicks out of this. Edge is put into a corner with the ladder to his back as Eddie goes for a charging move but Edge ducks out of the way and Eddie crashes head over heels into the ladder. Edge takes the ladder to the other corner and sets it up as both men once again climb to the top. Edge fights back and hits the Edgecution (modified DDT) off the top rope for the three count.

Match Thoughts:

This was an excellent match full of great brawling and wrestling. Edge was on a roll here and Eddie is always awesome and they both delivered. The use of the ladder was pretty neat and considering it wasn’t a ladder match, was something interesting as you don’t usually see a ladder around in these kinds of matches. Considering matches like this were happening on Smackdown while Triple H was humping Katie Vick on Raw, it was easy to see what brand had more momentum in the fall of 2002.

Star Rating: ****


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