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August 3, 2002 / Kevin Ford

Tracy Smothers vs. UltraMantis from IWA Mid-South Wrestling in Hades Night 2

Post by Kevin Ford:

Smothers backs Mantis to the corner in a lock-up. Smothers claims hair pulling when Mantis leaves the corner. He also claims tight pulling when they go to the mat. Mantis gets on a wristlock. Smothers takes him over in a fireman’s carry. He calls for a timeout and wants the referee to check to see if Mantis greased himself up. He then attacks Mantis from behind. After some elbows to the eye, Smothers shoulder tackles Mantis twice. Mantis hits him with a hip attack for two. He drop toe holds Smothers into a Magistral cradle for two. Smothers elbows his way out of a side Russian leg sweep. Mantis follows Smothers to the floor with a slingshot somersault senton. Mantis then lands a suicide dive. He comes off the top with a clothesline. Smothers rolls back to the floor. Mantis misses a baseball slide and is taken down with a back elbow. Smothers misses a clothesline but sends Mantis shoulder first into the ring post. He then throws Mantis into a section of chairs. He throws a chair at Mantis’ head. Smothers brings Mantis back to the ring for a pin but only gets two. Mantis sneaks in a backslide. Smothers kicks out and clotheslines him. He elbows and chokes Mantis in the corner. Mantis gets in some chops. Smothers tries a DDT. Mantis blocks with an atomic drop and butterfly suplex. He applies a seated Octopus Stretch. Smothers escapes. Mantis fireman’s carry’s Smothers back into the seated Octopus Stretch. Smothers gets the ropes. He rakes Mantis’ eyes. He spears Mantis and gives him a leg-capture slam for the pin at 13:33.

This was a fun novelty match, especially with CM Punk and Dave Prazak on commentary. It wasn’t the best match in the world but honestly better than I expected. If you’re a fan of either guy it might be worth your time to check this out to see them in a different environment. **¼

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