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July 14, 2002 / TJ Hawke

Bryan Danielson & Spanky vs. Samoa Joe & Super Dragon from Epic War 2002

Recap from TJ Hawke:

Excalibur is backstage, explaining that Super Dragon could not have tapped out in his match with Bryan Danielson.  Excalibur says that Super Dragon does not speak and his arms never smacked the mat, thus there is no way that he could have submitted.  Excalibur is amazing.  Excalibur explains that Bryan Danielson will team with Spanky and face Super Dragon and Samoa Joe.


YES!  WE ARE IN RESEDA!  A much worse lit Reseda but Reseda all the same.  Spanky looks to be in tremendous shape.  Danielson and Spanky came out to “Big Pimpin’” by Jay-Z.  Spanky and Super Dragon start us off.  They trade some holds with neither man getting the advantage for a prolonged period of time.  Spanky eventually took him down with a headscissors, and Samoa Joe tagged in.  Joe overpowered Spanky, but he tagged in Danielson to slow down Joe.  Joe and Dragon then traded some submissions.  They got to their feet and traded some strikes.  Joe won that.  Joe hits hard.  Joe got a leglock, but Danielson got to the ropes quickly to avoid receiving much damage.  STJOE!  Super Dragon tagged in and went to work on the Danielson.  The crowd wanted to see Samoa Joe.  Danielson gave Super Dragon a backbreaker, and that allowed Spanky to tag back in.  Spanky gave Super Dragon a saito suplex….yes, that’s what happened.  Danielson tagged back in.  Joe got tired of Super Dragon getting worked over, so he just walked in and killed Danielson with a lariat.  Joe started to work over Danielson.  Joe was so over with this crowd.  Joe and Super Dragon were destroying Danielson some more.  Danielson came back and hit a top rope elbow on Samoa Joe.  Spanky finally tagged in and made a big come back on the rudos (they were all kind of acting like rudos though).  Spanky went for a suicide dive, but Joe blocked it.  Super Dragon then hit a springboard spinning heel kick to the back of Spanky’s head.  Spanky hit a dropkick in the corner, but Super Dragon killed him with a lariat.  Joe then killed Danielson with a lariat.  Joe went for a crossface on Joe, but Danielson reversed it into a Cattle Mutilation.  Super Dragon botched a springboard move, but then just did a jumping double stomp to save Joe.  Joe then wiped out Danielson with a spinning no-hands dive.  Super Dragon avoided a Sliced Bread #2, and then hit a Psycho Driver II: 1…2…3!


This didn’t reach the levels that I was hoping for, but it was such a fun match if just for the uniqueness of the different matchups at work.  They didn’t go for a structured in-ring story, but the wrestlers’ characters were so strong that just watching them interact was interesting enough.  Samoa Joe wasn’t in Ring of Honor yet, but these fans treated him like a star.

Match Rating: ***1/2


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