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June 19, 2002 / TJ Hawke

A.J. Styles vs. Low Ki vs. Jerry Lynn vs. Psicosis from TNA’s Weekly PPV Taping #2 2002


With Austin Aries tearing it up as X-Division Champion in TNA right now, we felt like we should share some of the big X-Division matches that made the division so special.  This was the match to crown the first TNA X-Division Champion.



TJ Hawke’s Analysis

The match was a 4 corner double elimination match.


Styles pinned Psicosis with the Clash within 3 minutes. AJ pinned Ki shortly after that. Lynn immediately hit the cradle piledriver on AJ, so only Lynn was the last undefeated wrestler. Psicosis was the first eliminated after he ate a piledriver. Lynn gave Ki a piledriver for another elimination, so it came down to AJ (w/ 1 defeat) vs. the undefeated Lynn.  After some back-and-forth action, Styles pinned Lynn with the Clash.  Ricky Steamboat came in to ref the final fall.  The match really should have just been a one vs. one between AJ/Lynn.  These two hit every move in the book on each other but they kept kicking out.  Styles finally hit the Spiral Tap to win.  This was way too long for my liking, but there was a lot of fun action to keep me entertained throughout most of the match.  What do you guys think of the match?

Match Rating: ***3/4

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