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April 27, 2002 / Case Lowe

Eddie Guerrero & Amazing Red vs. The SAT from ROH 2002

Post by Case Lowe:

What an odd dynamic we have here. You have Eddie Guerrero, who at the time was the WWE Intercontinental Champion, teaming with none other than The Amazing Red, who was flipping his way into the hearts of many. On the other side, The SAT. Admittedly, the only bit of SAT stuff I’ve seen is from one of Dragon Gate’s Wrestle Jam tours, 2008 I believe. I wasn’t impressed. So, here you have it. Three guys making a name for themselves in a new promotion called Ring of Honor and a guy that has traveled the world and was coming into this match a champion in the WWE.

I should also note that I’ve never seen this match before. I have, however, seen many angry posts on many message boards about this match taking place instead of Eddie Guerrero vs. Christopher Daniels, who was the top heel at the time. I side with the message board posters on this one, Gabe.

Jose Maximo and Red start things off with a series of sloppiness. Nothing looked great. Their timing was off and by the end, they had done so much stuff that Jose was tired. Guerrero tags himself in while Jose is dazed. Red climbs to the middle rope, grabs Guerrero by the head and proceeds to give him a Tornado DDT – BUT, Guerrero carries him onto Jose, which gives Red the opportunity to whip off a Hurricanrana. That was pretty great. Now with Guerrero as the legal man, things start to pick up.

Needless to say, Guerrero was on another level compared to the other three. He had some shine, The SAT (don’t make me try and decide which Maximo was which) got some heat, and then Guerrero made a tremendous hot tag to Red, who was very good himself. After the opening spot, really, Red was tremendous as well. I just couldn’t help but feel like both Joel & Jose were a step behind Red and a step and a half behind Guerrero.

It’s a very basic match. Shine, heat, shine, heat, shine. Nothing really grabbed my attention until the closing minute when both Red and Guerrero were on fire. First, they did one of my favorite spots in wrestling where there’s a guy on the middle rope (in this case it’s one of the Maximo brothers), so Red charges at Guerrero, who is standing right in front of the corner. Guerrero proceeds to toss Red up and Red snaps off the Hurricanrana. It looks awesome! Red proceeded to hit a beautiful looking dive onto the other Maximo brother before Eddie went up and nailed a Frog Splash for the three.

I have mixed feelings about this match. To get the negatives out of the way – there was a clear difference in talent with the guys in the match. With the exception of the Holy Trinity of ROH (Daniels, Dragon, and Low Ki) I don’t think anyone could be even remotely close to as talented as Eddie was in 2002. That said, Red did his part and was a great babyface. The Maximo brothers really dragged things down here. On the plus side, they kept everything under control. It was a smart match. Red ended up looking awesome by the end of this and was set up for big things down the line. It’s a fun match, nothing worth going out of your way to see, but if you have 13 minutes and want to watch a fun match, this is probably a safe bet.

Rating: **3/4

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