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February 23, 2002 / TJ Hawke

Eddie Guerrero vs. Super Crazy from ROH’s The Era of Honor Begins 2002


You can check out Ring of Honor on their Twitter as well as their Youtube page.


Post by Bryan Rose:

Pre-Match Thoughts

I thought this was a interesting match to watch because it came during a time when Eddie Guerrero wasn’t in the WWE. It was that brief time during 2001-2002 when he was cut for personal issues and was mainly doing stuff on the independents, trying to eventually return to the WWE. This was right before he came back, facing Super Crazy on the first Ring of Honor show. Although I follow ROH to a degree, I don’t watch a lot of it so I haven’t seen most of the DVD releases that have come out, oh, over the last ten years or so. But I’ve heard great things, so I’m eager to watch and see.


The Match

This was a pretty good, basic WWE style match with some lucha thrown in for good measure. Eddie dominated a lot of the match, working over Crazy and just being a really damn good heel, even delivering a brainbuster to the cement floor on one point. Crazy delivers back with some high flying offense, however, and looks to be making a comeback until Eddie cuts him off with a great tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. The finish here is pretty clever. Eddie goes to the top, presumably to hit the frog splash, but rolls to the ground just as Super Crazy rolls out of Eddie’s target zone. Crazy is the quicker man and rolls up Eddie for a quick three count, giving him the win.


Overall Thoughts:

This was a pretty good match. Not off the charts awesome or anything, but this was a good match on the debut card for Ring of Honor. Eddie looked awesome here, working his ass off and Crazy was pretty good as well, moving great and showcasing a lot of the stuff that got him over in ECW. Some fine work from both mean leading to a really good match on one of the most important ROH cards in history.

Rating: ***1/2


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