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February 9, 2002 / TJ Hawke

CM Punk vs. Chris Hero from IWA Mid-South 2002

Post by TJ Hawke:

Naddia Nyce accompanied Hero to the ring. Punk’s IWA World Heavyweight Championship was on the line.

While this was far from a perfect match, it absolutely turned into a compelling spectacle that I could not help but find endearingly stupid. The first fifteen or twenty minutes of the match were a bit meaningless, as they stayed far away from tables and ladders. I don’t think they did enough stuff in that time to justify that section existing. However, the match took a turn for the better though, as it got way more chaotic as soon as the plunder and highspots got involved. Punk and Hero did so much stupid shit in this match, and I progressively grew more and more appreciative of it as the match continued. The finish was annoying though as the title fell into Punk’s hand, and the referee he attacked woke up just in time to see him holding the belt on the mat. Oh well. Still worth watching. (***3/4)


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