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January 4, 2002 / Case Lowe

Chris Hero vs. Chris Candido from IWA-MS 2002

Post by Case Lowe:

The mat is dirty, the crowd is hot, and the wrestling is fun!

Candido brings a different side of Hero out. A side that no one on the IWA-MS roster at the time would have been able to do. Candido is full of tricks. Sunny is on the outside to start, but that doesn’t last for long as she interferes in the match multiple times before being thwarted by Nadia Nyce. Candido bumps around like The Funker in this match, which is appropriate as Candido dawned the red, white, and black tights that Terry Funk made famous.

Hero is young and nowhere near as good as he is today, but he’s still really good. He hangs with Candido on the mat and with the exception of one spot where he gets lost, was just as fun to watch as Candido was in this match.

In true IWA-MS fashion, the match has a 20 minute time limit, but ends in a time limit draw after about 15 minutes. Hero and Candido agree to go five more minutes, but the bell rings after two minutes and the match is declared a draw. Numbers can be pretty tricky, my friends.

Overall, this was a really fun match. It’s a young Hero battling it out with an experienced and cocky Candido in front of a small crowd that really invested themselves in the match. A match of the year contender? No way. Technically, it wasn’t even the best match to happen on 1/4/02 because Akiyama and Nagata had a SWEET match in the Dome. Regardless, this was fun and should be watched by everyone that likes either man.

Rating: Hoot and a Half


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