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December 6, 2001 / TJ Hawke

The Rock & Steve Austin vs. Kurt Angle & Chris Jericho from WWF’s Smackdown TV 2001


Sorry for the horrid skits that Zack Ryder made to introduce the match and that intermittently happened with pop-up videos during the match. It’s a good match, so you can deal.


Recap from TJ Hawke:

These four men were a few days away from competing in the one-night tournament to determine the first ever WWF Unified Champion.


Jericho and Angle were beating down Rock, and Austin ran in to make the save. Austin quickly hit Angle with a Stunner. Jericho had to make the save.  Rock and Austin were in control after that.  Rock and Austin were working well together (at least at the start).  Angle avoided a stunner, and he then managed to cut off Austin with a belly-to-belly suplex.  Jericho managed to lock Austin into the Walls, but the Rock immediately broke up the submission. Hashtag babyface.  Angle then locked Austin into The Drunk Ankle.  Austin just managed to make it to the ropes.  Jericho pulled Austin off the ropes, and Angle got the Drunk Ankle again. Rock broke it up.  Austin tagged out to the Rock. Rock ran wild. Oh my god, I missed Rock when the Rock was awesome. Austin and Angle were brawling on the floor. Jericho gave Rock a low blow and a Rock Bottom. Austin saved the Rock.  Rock gave Jericho a spinebuster and then locked in his ugly Sharpshooter. Jericho tapped out!


Angle gave Jericho a Drunk Slam after the match.


Um, this match absolutely ruled, especially for a television match that went less than ten minutes. To me, this is what I want consistently from the WWE TV: characters that people care about and energetic matches. I loved this. Watch it now.

Match Rating: ***1/2


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