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July 19, 2001 / TJ Hawke

Jeff Hardy & X-Pac vs. Rob Van Dam & Billy Kidman from WWF’s Smackdown TV 2001


Recap from TJ Hawke:

Hardy was the Hardcore Champion at the time. X-Pac was the WWF Lightheavyweight Champion. Kidman was the Cruiserweight Champion. X-Pac vs. Kidman and Hardy vs. RVD were happening at the Invasion PPV, which was apparently a week away.  At one point or another, all four of these guys have been some of my favorites in wrestling. Basically, I have a soft spot for all of these guys, and I am greatly looking forward to the match.


Neither team could get a decisive advantage early on. RVD cut off X-Pac eventually with a spinning heel kick and a Rolling Thunder.  Kidman tagged in, but he GOT CAUGHT WITH A POWERBOMB! EVERYTHING I KNOW IS A LIE! Hardy tagged in and ran wild. Hard and X-Pac displayed some teamwork. X-Pac hit Kidman with an X-Factor. Hardy went for the Swanton bomb, but Kidman avoided it. RVD hit Hardy with the Frog Splash, and X-Pac had to make the save. RVD avoided an X-Factor, and Kidman hit X-Pac with the Kid Krusher: 1…2…3!


This was a very entertaining match. It’s a shame these four were never in the same match for a PPV, because I think it could have been absolutely awesome. The match isn’t really substantial, so you don’t need to watch this. However, if you have some nostalgia for any of these guys, I think you will enjoy it.

Match Rating: **3/4


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