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December 2, 2000 / TJ Hawke

The Rock vs. Steve Austin vs. Kurt Angle vs. Rikishi from WWE’s Rebellion 2000

Recap from TJ Hawke:

This was a match for Angle’s WWF Championship. Angle came out SECOND, which is just so lame. I know Rock and Austin are the bigger stars, but still.

Know what sucked? Rikishi’s heel turn. Rock and Austin were running wild on Angle and Rikishi early on. Angle tried to take his belt and go home, but Rock brought him back. I’m not sure Angle could have kept his belt that way. Rock hit the People’s Elbow on Rikishi, but Angle made the save. Austin and Angle cleared the ring. They finally squared off. Austin caught him with a stunner. Angle made the save again. Rock hit Austin with the Rock Bottom. Rock had the match won, but Rikishi pulled out the referee. Angle hit Rock with the Drunk Slam. Hebner was late to getting back to the ring, which gave Rock enough time to recover. Edge and Christian ran in. Austin started attacking them. Rock hit Rikishi with a Rock Bottom, but Edge saved the match. Eddie Guerrero and PERRY SATURN ran in just as Austin hit Rikishi with a stunner. They cockblocked Austin. Angle then hit Rikishi with the Drunk Slam: 1…2…3!

This was not a great match or anything (and it was especially not a great PPV world title match), but it was super enjoyable. The England crowd was not as hot as I expected, but Rock and Austin were so over that the match was a breeze to experience. Thumbs up!

Match Rating: ***


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