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June 28, 2000 / TJ Hawke

Scott Steiner vs. Mike Awesome from WCW Thunder 2000


Recap from TJ Hawke:

Steiner was the US Champion at the time. This was a non-title match.  They quickly ended up in the crowd with Steiner in complete control.  They ended up back in the ring. Steiner was still in control until Awesome hit a low blow and then crotched him on the ropes.  Awesome was in control after that. He used a chair to attack Steiner.  Back in the ring, Awesome hit a diving lariat for a nearfall.  Steiner came back with a super belly-to-belly suplex.  Steiner then hit an exploder suplex.  Steiner then locked in the Steiner Recliner  Apparently that move had been banned by The Cat, who was the Commissioner for some reason at the time. The Cat came out and superkicked the referee.  The Cat then hit Steiner with the US belt.  Awesome pinned Steiner and The Cat counted the pin: 1…2…3!


What the fuck was this? Watch this now.

Match Rating: *3/4


Thoughts from Lee Goodfellow:

“Break that hold! It’s bad!” The Cat’s interference was amazing. I particularly enjoyed the total lack of reaction his belt shot to Steiner received. The ending of this match was so typical of WCW in 2000 that I have to love it. As for the rest of the match, there were a couple of cool spots; Awesome’s diving lariat and Steiner’s belly to belly superplex.


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