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March 11, 2000 / Reed

Wifebeater vs. Lobo from CZW’s March Madness 2000

Review by Reed Benson:

This is for Lobo’s Iron Man championship, which is unfortunately not a belt that can only be defended in iron man matches. It’s really just a glorified hardcore title in a promotion that does a buttload of deathmatches. This particular deathmatch can only end when one wrestler climbs up this little bird’s next thing (they seem to be in a small hockey arena) and retrieve the title belt.

Big Mack Smack comes out with Wifebeater and cuts a pointless promo, making fun of Lobo’s nose and doing lewd gestures. Lobo comes out in a Venom shirt and seems to get distracted by someone at the merch table, allowing WB to attack him from behind. WB hits a nice side slam that I feel I must point out. No one would accuse him of being a great worker, but Wifebeater could perform some moves pretty well. Lobo rips off WB’s underwear while trying to give him a wedgie, then rubs them in WB’s face. Huh. A clothesline takes them out of the ring, and they don’t go back in. They brawl, they bash each other with chairs, they throw each other onto chairs. Lobo hits WB with a thumbtack bat. WB puts Lobo in a trash can. Eventually, Lobo hits a bulldog off the ring apron through a lighttube table (a spot that the cameraman mostly misses as he tries to get out of the way). Mack Smack revives WB with some water and potato chips. WB chases Lobo up the mesh fencing on the wall to the bird’s nest, they it each other a few times, and WB press slams Lobo through another lighttube table on the floor. Then he grabs the belt and wins.

I’m not going to go into a diatribe about unprotected chair shots and masochistic wrestlers abusing their bodies for cheap pops and cheaper paydays. I used to be a deathmatch fan, but if I indulge in such entertainment these days, I prefer to see wrestling moves and recognizable stories incorporated in them. For the most part, Wifebeater and Lobo hit each other with things in this match, and they didn’t do it in too compelling a manner. There weren’t any particularly astounding bumps (by CZW standards, at least), though it’s good that they saved the biggest bump for last. I guess I would recommend that bump and Wifebeater’s side slam at the beginning. Everything else is either forgettable or, like the cameraman missing the bulldog through the table, memorable for the wrong reasons.

– Reed Benson

My match review site is here.

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