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January 23, 2000 / TJ Hawke

Kurt Angle vs. Tazz from WWF’s Royal Rumble 2000

Recap from TJ Hawke:

This happened almost fifteen years ago. What the fuck. Angle was still undefeated at this point in his WWF career. Tazz was making his WWF debut here.

Tazz immediately took it to Angle. “ECW!” chants broke out. Angle came back with a suplex on the floor. Tazz seemingly had the match won after a super exploder, but Angle got his foot on the ropes. Angle hit a German, but Tazz came right back with a variety of suplexes. Tazzmission. Angle passed out!

Angle was stretchered out to sell the devastation of the Tazzmission.

This was a strong way to debut Tazz, but this was basically the peak of his WWF in-ring career. This always seemed like a strange use of Angle to me, but it obviously did not matter or affect his standing much.


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