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January 4, 2000 / TJ Hawke

Triple H vs. Rikishi from WWF’s Smackdown 2000


Recap from Lee Goodfellow:

Rikishi won the lottery or something to get this title shot. The show is at Universal Studios in Florida…the Impact Zone?! The camera pans out and this is way bigger than the Impact Zone, guess they either trimmed it down or gave TNA a different hall. Triple H jumps Rikishi with his back turned to start, they trade and Rikishi gets the better of him. Back body drop! Trips gets beat up on the outside. Trips literally turns things around and sends Rikishi into the stairs. He beats him up, which pleases Stephanie Mcmahon-Helmlsey on commentary. We randomly cut to DX watching in the back. A facebuster gets the champion two. A clothesline spends Rikishi spinning through the air. Now I’m just stealing Cole’s lines. Rikishi makes a clothesline related comeback on the outside.

“He’s the game!”

“I know he’s the game.”

Fantastic commentary from King and Stephanie. Hunter gets beat up. Samoan drop gets Rikishi two! Rikishi nails a belly to belly then calls for something. He nails that sit down drop thing from the top! One, two, Triple H kicks out! He makes it back to his feet, walks into a sit out piledriver attempt attempt, gets out of it, goes for the pedigree, takes a back body drop, Rikishi nails a super kick! One, two, Trips kicks out! That was pretty awesome. Steph gets a chair to Hunter then distracts the ref. Rikishi eats a chair shot. The ref is back, one, two, Rikishi kicks out! A desperate Triple H nails Rikishi with the title, gets DQ’d, but retains. He goes to work on Rikishi with a chair afterwards. Rikishi gets up again! The champion bails and the referees persuade Rikishi not to pursue him. Too Cool come down and everyone dances.

Thoughts: Smackdown in 2000 was so awesome. Rikishi looked great in this, actually rose to the occasion for an uncharacteristically serious match. Good times.


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