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January 4, 2000 / TJ Hawke

The Rock vs. Kurt Angle from WWF’s Smackdown 2000

Recap from Lee Goodfellow:

We’re informed that the Rock’s autobiography is now on sale everywhere. I saw it in a charity shop a couple of weeks ago for £1, almost bought it but went for a couple Foley’s books instead. Rock cuts a promo explaining what happened on Raw, where he survived a career-on-the-line handicap match or something.  Angle’s undefeated streak is apparently on the line here. If memory serves, Taz ended that in his debut at the Royal Rumble, so I guess Kurt wins this one. Oh, spoiler alert. Anyway, Rock and Angle promo-off. Rock gets the better of the lengthy exchange, to the surprise of absolutely no one.

At the 8 minute mark the match finally starts! Kurt gets beat up. Kurt bails but Rock nails him with a clothesline on the stage. He goes for a suplex but Angle counters, right on the ramp. Ouch. Angle loses his advantage due to showboating, but a belly to belly suplex gets it back. Two count for Kurt. Counter stuff leads to a neckbreaker on Angle for a Rock two count. Angle nails Rock with a suplex! DDT to Angle! Two count for the Rock. He opens fire with the right hand in the corner. Samoan drop for two. Steve Blackman runs down, for some reason. Rock beats him up with his own kendo stick! Then he hits Angle! Kurt wins by DQ! The streak lives! Steve Blackman takes a Rock Bottom. Amazing over the top celebration from Angle. Rock comes back for a spinebuster and a People’s Elbow.

Thoughts: If anyone knows why Steve Blackman interfered, feel free to let me know, apparently my WWF 2000 memory isn’t that in depth. These tv matches from back in the day were all so short but so awesome, they just cut right to the chase (well, the finishing stretch). Good times were had.


Thoughts from TJ Hawke:

Kurt Angle was undefeated going into this match. Considering I know Taz would break his streak a few weeks after this, I sense a screwy finish is happening here. This match was put together because HHH was mad that Stephanie thought Angle was cute.

The Rock cut a promo on Triple H. Kurt Angle came out and cut a promo on the Rock. Rocky then cut a promo on Angle. Rock told Angle to shove his medals up his ass. The crowd was just DYING for Rock to use his catchphrases. Times have changed. Angle charged at Rock, but Rock was in control. Angle came back with a suplex on the ramp. Back in the ring, Angle was in control. Rock came back with a swinging neckbreaker, but Angle fired right back with a back suplex. Rock came right back with a DDT. Of all people, STEVE BLACKMAN, interfered in the match. The Rock took the Singapore Cane and hit Blackman and Angle. The Rock was disqualified.

Rock gave Steve Blackman a Rock Bottom. Angle’s undefeated streak continued. Angle celebrated as such. Rock gave him a spinebuster and a People’s Elbow.

The Rock feuded with Steve Blackman?

Match Rating: **1/4

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