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January 4, 2000 / TJ Hawke

Kai En Tai (Sho Funaki & TAKA Michinoku) vs. Mean Street Posse (Joey Abs, Pete Gas & Rodney) from WWF’s Smackdown 2000

Recap from Lee Goodfellow:

You know what’s better than Kai En Tai? Nothing.

No Kai En Tai promo to start. I’m pissed. They better finish with one. The Posse attack them on the outside during their entrance, only to be nailed by TAKA’s Asai moonsault. Awesome. Joey Abs takes a double team dropkick. Funaki hits a top rope counter of something and the camera angle is terrible, as it looked like Funaki was just no selling a slam, I’d be totally confused were it not for stellar 2000 Michael Cole commentary. Joey Abs hits a suplex. What is with this guy’s gear. I don’t even remember the Posse. Rodney get the tag. Is that Rodney Mack? I need to google these guys. Funaki gets a powerbomb. The Posse have a three on two advantage I should mention. Funaki kicks out of a a sit out powerbomb from another guy. I’m not sure whether “The Gas Mask” is the name of him or his move. Missile dropkick from TAKA (to Rodney) into a Funaki roll up and Kai En Tai have won it!

This was the best. Watch it now.


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