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November 9, 1999 / TJ Hawke

Steve Austin, The Rock, Shane McMahon, & Kane vs. Degeneration-X (Triple H, X-Pac, Road Dogg, & Billy Gunn) from WWE’s Smackdown TV 1999

Recap from TJ Hawke:

Shane and Jesse James started the match. D-X quickly isolated Shane and worked him over. The match quickly turned into a huge brawl after Shane tagged out to Kane. Kane went for the chokeslam on X-Pac, but Gunn gave him a low blow and FameAsser. Kane basically no-sold that, but X-Pac then gave him an X-Factor: 1…2…3

After getting eliminated, Kane gave X-Pac a chokeslam, and Shane made the cover: 1…2…NO! We saw Vince McMahon come down to the ring, as we went to a commercial.

When we came back from the commercial, X-Pac hit Shane with an X-Factor: 1…2…3

The Rock entered the match but quickly got cut off. Rock punched all of D-X when they tried to attack him. X-Pac and Mr. Ass seemed to forget to sell it right away, because they didn’t leave the apron right away. Rock then pinned Mr. Ass with a Rock Bottom: 1…2…3

Rock continued to get worked over. After a while, he finally tagged out to Austin who made a big hot tag. X-Pac ate a stunner: 1…2…3

Rock set up for a People’s Elbow on Mr. Ass, but HHH hit him. Austin and HHH started brawling on the floor. Ass went for an O’Connor Roll on Rock, but Rock reversed it: 1…2…3

Ass laid out Rock after the elimination. HHH hit Rock with a pedigree: 1…2…3

Austin vs. HHH for the match. They went back and forth. They both went down after a double lariat. Vince McMahon brought a chair into the ring. That failed. He then brought the belt into the ring and accidentally hit Austin. HHH pinned him: 1…2…3

Doing seven eliminations in less than twelve minutes is really rough, but I was entertained throughout this entire match. So, as annoying and weak as some of the eliminations were, how can I not recommend a match that was a ton of fun? The answer is I can’t! This was fun. Watch this.

Match Rating: ***1/4

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