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October 24, 1999 / TJ Hawke

Goldberg vs. Sting from WCW Halloween Havoc 1999


Recap from Lee:

Sting issued an open challenge for his world title. Goldberg answered! This was just after Goldberg beat Sid Vicious to a bloody pulp in the US title match. WWE have uploaded the whole show to Youtube except that, guess it’s because of the blood since they aren’t fond of showing that these days. Oh, apparently the title isn’t on the line now, according to the commentators. Weird.


Goldberg enters the ring, Sting leaves. He asks for a ref, so Charles Robinson makes a dramatic running entrance, with his blonde hair elegantly flowing along with him. Goldberg gets the early advantage. He still has remnants of Sid’s blood on him, lovely. Sting gets thrown into the railing. The tide turns as Sting dodges a strike and Goldberg hits the post. Back in the ring, Sting hits a standing elbow then a diving splash for two. Sting hits a spear! Goldberg no sells and hits a spin kick! Sting dodges a spear and Goldberg meets the post again. Three consecutive stinger splashes! Goldberg leapfrogs a running Sting then SPEAR! JACKHAMMER! One, two, THREE! So Goldberg has disposed of the champion but apparently hasn’t won the title. No, Robertson hands over the belt, and Goldberg is announced as the new world champion! The commentators who told us it was a non title match are confused. I’m confused too, but I don’t care because that was awesome.


Lee’s thoughts: In the era where world title matches are obliged to go at least twenty minutes, it’s so cool to go back and see a short, competitive bout for the strap between two top guys, on pay per view no less. Hell of a night for Goldberg, who left as a double champion. I loved WCW in 99 but didn’t have access to the pay per views, so this was a really cool nostalgia kick for me, one that I acted out many times with my Goldberg and Sting action figures (I was seven or eight years old at the time, I should mention).

Match rating: ***


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