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October 24, 1999 / TJ Hawke

Eddie Guerrero vs. Perry Saturn from WCW’s Halloween Havoc 1999


Recap from David Arthur, the booker/promoter of Insanity Pro Wrestling:

This match begins with an exchange of leaps, drop downs, and springboards, ultimately ending with Saturn guillotining Guerrero on the top rope, followed by a double stomp to the abdomen. Upon taking back the advantage, Eddie begins attacking the left knee of Saturn (which nerds like me will remember was surgically repaired after an ACL tear in ’97). Saturn takes the advantage back, hitting a snake eyes on the steel ring steps while both men are on the floor. At different points in this match, both men trade off attacking the other’s arms and legs. Two big crucial spots in this match involve Eddie hitting his trademark Brainbuster, but failing to follow up with the traditional Frog Splash becaus Saturn had enough wits to move out of the way.  The second was Saturn cutting Guerrero off from a top rope maneuver and hitting a beautiful top rope, release Northern Lights Suplex on Guerrero in return. After Eddie hit a top rope Superplex of his own on Saturn, this match ended by Saturn getting disqualified, due to Ric Flair attacking Guerrero. According to the implied story, Flair had been “mugged,” by Guerrero and his group, The Filthy Animals (consisting of Guerrero, Rey Mysterio Jr., Konnan, Billy Kidman, and Torrie Wilson) and his Rolex watch stolen.


Ultimately this was a very good match, marred by a cheap finish. Eddie Guerrero was, and always will be, one of the greatest performers in wrestling ever. Perry Saturn was always a favorite of mine, especially around the time of late 90’s WCW. Back then, I wasn’t watching WCW as much. The turn-on-a-dime style of creative direction they were taking made it difficult to become invested in most of their product at the time. I caught the gist of the point of the match being a feud between The Filthy Animals and The Revolution ( a group consisting of Perry Saturn, Dean Malenko, Chris Benoit, and led by Shane Douglas). In WWE today, a match like this, with the accompanying storyline which would lead to the cheap finish would probably be well within the sphere of their status quo. But back then, in WCW, it seems to come off as poorly contrived, and I don’t think Vince Russo was even there yet. The in-ring stuff itself, while very good, was treated as filler. It is as if the notion was for people to buy the PPV to see how the storyline tying The Animals, Revolution, and Flair played out, not to see who would win the match. In my honest opinion, the match should be the important part of the story and presented with enough importance to make people want to pay to see it. All of the side details; the drama, the melodrama, the “entertainment,” should be for the free television program. Well, free if you had cable, that is.


But aside from my criticism of the story execution, this match does have upsides. Along with the gracious amount of good, solid wrestling, this match was also charmed up by the color commentary of the legendary Bobby “The Brain” Heenan, who as usual was well armed with his acerbic wit. Heenan was given the task of holding the stolen Rolex watch for safe keeping by Guerrero prior to the match, and he was constantly making remarks, much to the aghast of play-by-play man Tony Schiavone, about pawn shops and how many houses could be bought by pawning the watch. Tony Schiavone regularly played a good straight man to Heenan’s heelish humor.


I would say this match would be an enjoyable watch to any fan of Guerrero, Saturn, and even Bobby Heenan. But not necessarily a must see.


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