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October 14, 1999 / TJ Hawke

Blitzkrieg & Kaz Hayashi vs. Silver King & Juventud Guerrera from WCW’s Thunder TV 1999

Recap from TJ Hawke:

The crowd was red hot for this. Silver King was worked over for a bit. He eventually tagged out, and Juvi made a big comeback for a bit. Juvi was actually cut off though, and the show went to commercial.

When we came back, Juvi was still being worked over. He eventually hit Kaz & Blitzkrieg with a double bulldog. Silver King then made a comeback. Juvi got back involved, but Kaz sent him to the floor and hit an Asai Moonsault. King then hit Blitzkrieg with an Electric Chair and a double jump moonsault. Kaz had to make the save. Kaz sent Blitzkrieg and King to the floor, but he then fell victim to the Juvi Driver: 1…2…3!

You would think there was some major issue between these two teams that was being solved here? As far as I can tell, this was just a random tag match where the heat was absolutely off the charts. This was the final ever match for Blitzkreig. He retired after this match to focus on his career as a computer technician (according to Wikipedia). I’m sure he was happy and satisfied with that life choice, but it’s crazy to think what he could have possibly accomplished with more years in the ring. He was truly a special talent.

Match Rating: ****



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