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April 11, 1999 / TJ Hawke

Blitzkrieg vs. Juventud Guerrera from WCW’s Spring Stampede 1999


Pre-Match Thoughts from Bryan Rose:

Interesting match this time around, as WCW was pretty bereft of anything remotely interesting in 1999. One interesting person that came aboard the company was a dude by the name of Blitzkrieg who apparently came from the indies. He had some awesome matches in the year or so he was with the company, then was cut along with a bunch of others in October only because I assume Vince Russo thought he was just another masked lucha guy. He was then never seen again in mainstream pro wrestling. An interesting enigma he is, and here, he faces Juventud Guerrero with the winner getting a cruiserweight championship match the next night on Nitro.


Match Recap:

We start out with some pretty good matwork followed by some great exchanges by Blitzkrieg. Juventud gets the better of him, causing him to exit the ring in disgust, only for him to get waffled by a plancha off the top rope by Juventud. I should also note that Blitzkrieg does a handspring elbow better than most of the people in the world not named The Great Muta. Juventud applies a surfboard but Blitzkrieg actually escapes and lands flat on his back covering him for a two. Juventud exits the ring and Blitzkrieg follows with a swan dive off the turnbuckle but eats a dropkick for his troubles. They find themselves back in the ring and Blitzkrieg gets some more offense in before Juventud bails…only this time Blitzkrieg launches with a asai moonsault off the top rope onto the floor, creaming Juventud. He doesn’t seem too phased by it as soon they’re back in the ring doing some more fun back and forth action. Juventud then goes to the top with Blitzkrieg then completely botches…something. I don’t have a clue that it was. Blitzkrieg gets to his feet first and goes for a corkscrew moonsault press, but misses. Juvi goes for his driver but Blitzkrieg rolls him up for 2. He gets Juventud to the top rope and does something. I guess you can call it a really pretty sunset flip for another two. Blitzkrieg then sets up Juventud for another move off the top, but Juventud counters and hits the Juvi Driver off the top rope for the three count.



Pretty damn good little match here. Blitzkrieg was a bit green (and the match psychologically was a bit off), but some of the moves he pulled off were awesome. He definitely would have been a bigger star if he were signed a few years earlier. I wouldn’t say this was off the charts great, but it was definitely a very good match with some sick high flying moves (purely thanks to Blitzkrieg).

Match Rating: ***1/2


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