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April 5, 1999 / TJ Hawke

The Godfather vs. Goldust from WWE’s Raw 1999

Pre-Match Thoughts from Bryan Rose:

Why would I want to watch a Godfather vs. Goldust match? Because I have a perverse desire to watch such a thing, that’s why. Also, Goldust is a topical person as of late. He had a great match on Raw against Randy Orton, and really if you look at his work since 2009 he’s been pretty damn solid. Ten years before that, however, is probably another story. Besides, this was in 1999 when Russo was at this Russoiest in the WWE, so I want to see how bad it truly was back then.

The Match:

Micheal Cole is doing commentary. That’s a million negative stars already. The Godfather comes out with is HO’S and Goldust comes out with the Blue Meanie. Godfather is tentative to offer his ladies of the night to Goldust, but asks anyway. Goldust responds by acting creepy. Godfather responds, and I quote “You know what, I’m just going to kick your ass” and does indeed proceed to kick Goldust’s ass. I found this utterly hilarious for some reason. They exchange some moves for a while, then Goldust exits the ring and starts stalking the girls. Godfather charges around the ring but Goldust catches him. However Godfather retains control and hits a big boot followed by a clothesline and a elbow for the two count. Godfather now with a back suplex. He starts charging up for the HO TRAIN and it connects. Godfather goes for a clothesline but Blue Meanie grabs a leg. Godfather responds by going to the outside and clubbing Meanie with a clothesline. The ho’s then distract meanie as both Godfather and Goldust are counted out.

Match thoughts:

This is absolutely nothing to write home about. But if you want to see Goldust and The Godfather wrestle for two minutes then by my guest. The opening match shenanigans were pretty funny, though.

Match Rating: 1/2*


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