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April 3, 1999 / Tanner Teat

Mosco de la Merced vs Super Crazy from ECW 1999

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Post by Tanner Teat:

Trying to write something for this match is a much harder task than I originally thought it would be. This match was nonstop from the second the bell rang. They at first do some GRAPPLIN’ but they soon go to doing the crazy dives on the outside, including multiple moonsault variations from Super Crazy. Mosco did some stuff I would definitely advise against just because WHY? Super Crazy also did a moonsault INTO THE CROWD and it was crazy and I honestly could not see something quite as dangerous as that getting green lit to happen in today’s environment.

Match ended when Super Crazy hit his frog splash and got the pinfall. This match I imagine was absolutely bonkers in 1999 because some of the stuff these guys were doing was crazy to me still in 2015. Crazy to think that Super Crazy is still wrestling regularly and Mosco is (maybe?) as well. Don’t let my rating turn you away from this match, as it just lacked structure and this rating is based purely on the insane stuff they did to entertain the crowd. Overall, this match was just NUTTY stuff and it is unfortunate this version is missing about 80 seconds, but don’t let that turn you away, WATCH THIS!

Rating: ***1/4


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