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March 15, 1999 / TJ Hawke

Goldberg & Ric Flair vs. nWo (Hollywood Hogan & Kevin Nash) from WCW’s Nitro TV 1999

Recap from TJ Hawke:

Goldberg and Flair were tag partners that did not get along. Goldberg gave him a gorilla press slam to start the math, and Flair was then worked over by the nWo. Flair eventually managed to dive to his corner and tag out to Goldberg. Goldberg no-sold a lariat, and Hogan then no-sold a superkick. Neither man could get a real advantage. Nash eventually hit Goldberg from the apron, and Hogan took him down with a lariat. Goldberg was then worked over. When Goldberg and Flair are on a team, Goldberg should obviously be the one to be worked over. That makes perfect sense. Goldberg finally took Hogan down with a shoulder tackle. Flair pretended to be tagged in, and the referee fell for it. Hogan Hulked Up on Flair and got a big babyface reaction. Goldberg took out Nash with a superkick. Goldberg then had to leave the ring so Hogan could hit Flair with the Legdrop of Doom. Charles Robinson refused to count. Hogan then got a pop for decking Robinson. Goldberg then hit Hogan with a spear. Tony Schiavone then informed us that they ran out of time.

This match was so weird. Goldberg was worked over. Hulk Hogan made a big babyface comeback despite the Fingerpoke of Doom happening two months earlier. It just felt like a mess, and it ended on a stupid note.

Match Rating: *


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