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August 26, 1998 / TJ Hawke

Chris Jericho vs. Alex Wright from WCW’s Thunder TV 1998

Recap from TJ Hawke:

Jericho was the WCW Television Champion at this point. I think this match is for the title.

This appeals to be a heel vs. heel match (or Wright is a very obnoxious babyface). Wright was having some success, but Jericho cut him off with a jumping sole butt. Wright came back quickly enough though. Jericho came back with a Lionsault. Wright got a nearfall with a backbreaker. They did some movez at a slightly faster pace. Jericho eventually caught him in the Liontamer. Wright tapped out.

This was no good. It was heel vs. heel, and they never got anything over with the crowd. It felt like it lasted forever. Avoid this match.

Match Rating: 1/4*


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