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August 24, 1998 / TJ Hawke

Mankind vs. Kane from WWF 1998

Post by TJ Hawke:

This was a Hell in a Cell match. Yes, the Hell in a Cell has been used on free television. Kane was accompanied by The Undertaker. Kane and Foley were the tag champs at the time.

This was very odd because of how much was done/given away on television. Before the match even started, Foley (who, in a nice/suicidal touch, was determined to start the match on the top of the cage like his Taker/HIAC match) took the Shawn Michaels/HIAC bump through a commentator’s table. The madness continued in the ring with Kane doing a PLANCHA, unprotected chairshots, bumps into thumbtacks, etc. This Hell in a Cell match ended in a disqualification or a no contest (never announced) because Steve Austin attacked Kane after coming up through the ring. Taker then climbed to the top of the cage and was trying to kick his way through, but Vince McMahon raised the roof (of the cage). This was the kind of terrible/car-crash booking that I find very enjoyable out of context. I am not proud of that, but I am what I am. (***)



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