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July 12, 1998 / TJ Hawke

Eddie Guerrero vs. Chavo Guerrero from WCW’s Bash at the Beach 1998


Recap from TJ Hawke:

Chavo came out with a water gun, and Stevie Ray was in the ring waiting for him.  Eddie then came out with some scissors.  I think the storyline at the time was that Chavo was crazy. Ray was supposed to be a tune up match for Chavo’s Hair vs. Hair match against Eddie later in the night.  Stevie Ray and Chavo shook hands, and Chavo tapped out!  The crowd loved that.  Eddie was pissed that Stevie didn’t kick Chavo’s ass.


Eddie vs. Chavo then happened.  Chavo first bit Eddie’s ass. I’m starting to think this may not be the cruiserweight classic that I was hoping it would be.  Eddie was able to cut him off, and he worked Chavo over for a while.  Eventually, Chavo was able to come back for a brief while, but Eddie then dumped him to the floor.  Eddie pulled up some mats, but it backfired, as Chavo gave him a suplex on the concrete.  Back in the ring, Eddie crotched Chavo and then gave him a superplex.  Chavo came back and went for a frog splash, but Eddie got his knees up.  Eddie then hit a tornado DDT.  Eddie tried to cut off some hair, but the referee blocked him.  Eddie then went for the frog splash, but Chavo avoided it.  Chavo then hit a tornado DDT.  Chavo went to use the scissors, but the referee stopped him. Eddie then caught Chavo with a small package: 1…2…3!  Chavo proceeded to shave off his own hair.


WCW sucked.

Match Rating: **1/2


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